Land of Rx

ktobio-204x140Here’s a #TBT to my first blog post for CrossFit 1Force

As many of us prepare to celebrate our 5th month of CrossFit, something magical is happening. You’re entering the Land of RX…whether you like it or not. What’s the entrance fee? Well, the countless hours you’ve spent dialing in your nutrition, pushing through the lifts, and inspiring each other in and out of the gym.

Some of you have full heartily crossed this bridge using RX’d weights and movements whenever possible. However, there are a few friends fighting the transition, holding onto their lighter weights and speedy finishes.

Your “Fran” time may mysteriously slide from sub 5 to over 12. You might not be the first, or the top 3, to finish anything. You may curse us when you try to sit on a toilet. You will see results.

Jesse, EK, and I can see your power. We’re aware of your potential, and if we tell you what weight to use–use it. Don’t strip the bar when we aren’t looking. That’s self-sabotage. Don’t be your own worst enemy. In turn, don’t go too heavy and try to lift with bad form. (Because we are not letting that happen either.)

You will achieve your goals through heightened intensity. Why? Because the quickest way to results is through intensity.  Remember when that first couplet caused you to lose your breath? Remember the way your legs felt in August? That was intensity. As we become stronger we need to step up our weights and movements to keep improving.

For some of you this might mean moving to a skinnier band. For others, this might mean picking up the heavy kettlebell. This is where the true competition with yourself kicks in.

It’s YOU of today v.s. the YOU of November 1st. It’s the YOU of 2012 vs the YOU of 2011.

The Goal? Never let the previous version of yourself beat you.

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