A Girl Has No Face

Each night I feed my addiction to IG, liking food that will never fit my macros, commenting on Harambe memorials, and mindlessly falling down hashtag holes. Recently, this late night habit has lead me down a terrifying road where a girl has no face- IG fitness and sport videos.

I’m not sure when this trend started, but I can’t seem to escape it. Especially women posting lifting videos from an angle only their doctor(s), lover(s), or friend(s) are privy to. Lip slips are the new nip slips and I’m a bit concerned.

This behavior is not exclusive to lifting or CrossFit either, as Alexa Hohenberg of StillStoked explores in her post “Sex Sells You Short: Social Media and The Pressure on Female Athletes; the top women surfers in the world (think Johanne Defay who won the damn Fiji Pro) can’t gather up enough sponsorship money to get to their competitions while unranked surfers bring in thousands based on bikini shots. Can we see the demographic of followers of the unranked surfer repping a big money surf wear sponsor? My guess is most of them have never shopped for women’s swimwear.

Now, everyone has the right to shake what they got and I’m all for more posts of women participating in the sport they love with as much or as little clothes as they choose. However, I’d love to see these posts from an angle that showcases strength and skills.  Show us that beautiful pain face as you grind out one more rep, the force of your arms as you battle that next wave, show us how you murder that hill in pure steeze, inspire the next gen with the passion you breathe into your sport.

When it comes to the Gram, Fbook, Snapchat or any other image crafting tool out there I have a general rule: Does this post craft an image of myself as strong, badass and inspiration to women of all ages? Am I comfortable posting this knowing a 10-year-old girl somewhere will see it?

I’m not asking anyone to become the moral beacon of their sport, but in in a world where women are continuously told that they are evaluated on their sex appeal v.s. their abilities, let’s give our likes to the girls getting shit done.

In writing this I expect people to try and find my inappropriate social posts to throw back at me, it’s how the internet works.  However, I’ve saved them the time and included this photo of me drinking a 40 while riding a majestic unicorn into the weekend.

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Happy Weekend.

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